26 April 2008

Aurobindo on Involution

Since this Consciousness is creatrix of the world, it must be not only state of knowledge, but power of knowledge, and not only a will to light and vision but a will to power and works. And since mind too is created out of it, mind must be a development by limitation out of this primal faculty and this supreme consciousness and must therefore be capable of resolving itself back into it through a reverse development by expansion.

-- Sri Aurobindo, from The Life Divine

24 April 2008

Finite and Infinite Games (I)

Genuine travel has no destination. Travelers do not go somewhere, but constantly discover that they are somewhere else.

-- from James Carse, Finite and Infinite Games

22 April 2008

Rinzai extreme

Followers of the Way once and for all sit down and cut off the heads of both the Sambhogakaya Buddha and of the Nirmanakaya Buddha. Those satisfied with merely completing the ten stages of the Bodhisattva are like serfs. Those content with universal and profound awakening are but carrying chains. Awakening and nirvana are like tethering posts for donkeys. Why? Because, followers of the Way, you fail to see the emptiness of the three great world ages; this is the obstacle that blocks you.

-- Rinzai

15 April 2008

Stuff that makes you go "hmm..."

"And because there is always only Atman, the Atman project never occurred."

-- Ken Wilber, from The Atman Project (last line on the last page.)