30 November 2009

Truth is Truth (Kay)

Only by starting with who and what I am is the problem precluded; all fear is removed; and then one may do the right thing, if there is 'doing' to be done. He or she beholds that Spirit is the sole self, that is 'I,' and this leaves no need for evolvement, cross-bearing, or crown-wearing; and already truth is truth.

-- Kay, 1994 Atlanta Awareness Center, tape 5N

29 November 2009

Experience of No-Self (B. Roberts)

It was only by investing no value in an experience that I was able to find out its truth or falsity. What is false never lasts; it falls away of its own accord, while what is true remains, because truth does not come and go -- it is always there. So long as our experiences come and go and we are investing in them our own values, thoughts and emotions, we'll never find out if there is any truth in them, for truth is what remains when there are no experiences left.

-- Bernadette Roberts, from The Experience of No-Self

25 November 2009

Meditation shown to lower blood pressure

A new study published in the American Journal of Hypertension has shown that meditative practice can have a measurably positive influence on lowering high blood pressure and improving overall cardiovascular health. The study involved nearly 300 individuals, about half of whom meditated regularly. Preliminary results suggest that the meditators' group was able to substantially lower blood pressure and evidence other positive effects in comparison to the control group.



10 November 2009

Origins of life may lie in electrochemical processes

A few bioscientists in recent years have been rethinking the origin of life in the light of some new ideas. They think the most counter-intuitive trait of life is one of the best clues to its origin. As a result, they have come up with a radically different picture of what the earliest life was like and where it evolved. It's a picture for which there is growing evidence. Life, the new idea argues, is powered not by the kind of chemistry that goes on in a test tube but by a kind of electricity.