12 December 2014

Spiritual Resolutions for the New Year?

... learn what makes them work, and what doesn't.

Friday, December 19, 2014 at Alpha Book Center.

in association with AUMM (Aeonic University of Magick & Mysticism)

contact us for directions if needed.  donation basis.

01 September 2014


What the hell is it?  If you have to ask ....

you'll know!

Sept. 5: Petros on Petroszen

AUMM Friday discussion group.  7pm at Alpha Book Center.

Contact for location and directions if needed.


08 May 2014

Petros teaches on "Art and Magick" and "Music and Magick"

Petros gives classes this month on Art and Magick and on Music and Magick.

May 2: Art and Magick
May 9: Music and Magick

Classes provided in association with AUMM (Aeonic University of Magick & Mysticism.)

Contact for more details and location/times!

01 January 2014

Petros on "How To Be a Student'

Under the auspices of AUMM (the Aeonic University of Magick and Mysticism), Petros will be starting off the teaching year with the traditional class on "How to Be a Student."

Location: Alpha-AUMM Book Center, Phoenix, Arizona.
Time/Date:  7pm, Friday 3 January 2014.

Donation Basis.