29 May 2011

Renouncing Renouncing (Chiang Wei-nung)

By renouncing attachment to a self, we become arhats. By renouncing attachment to dharmas, we become bodhisattvas. By renouncing renouncing, we become buddhas. Thus sila (renunciation) is the ultimate practice.

– Chiang Wei-nung, commenting on the Diamond Sutra

22 May 2011

Mind Not Found (Huang-po)

Most people allow their mind to be obstructed by the world and then try to escape from the world. They don't realize that their mind obstructs the world. If they could only let their minds be empty, the world would be empty. Don't misuse the mind. If you want to be free of the world, forget the mind. When you forget the mind the world becomes empty. When the world becomes empty the mind disappears. If you don't forget the mind and only get rid of the world, you only become more confused. Thus it is said all things are only mind – But mind cannot be found! When you can't find a thing you have reached the final goal. Why run around looking for liberation?

-- Huang-po, commenting on the Diamond Sutra

15 May 2011

True Intent (Gulin)

It is said that if a single person generates true intent and returns to the origin, then all of space in the ten directions crumbles away.

-- Gulin (14th cent. Chinese Ch'an master)

14 May 2011

Development around us (Mel Lyman)

All form is only the evolution of mind at different stages of development. We are constantly surrounded by the opportunity to give birth to more of ourselves.

-- Mel Lyman (1938-1978?)

08 May 2011

Neurokaotic Reprogramming 2

You have the resources you need.
If you don’t have the resources you need
You have the resources to FIND the resources you need.