01 May 2017

Conforming Teaching to Environment

The teaching, and the public work in general, must be adaptable enough to allow itself to be conformed to the environment and the milieu in which it (and its proponents, students and teacher) find themselves.  The teaching must remain flexible, adaptable, even amorphous if that is what is called for.

In the wilderness, on the road, the teaching must be portable, easily memorized, summarized, translated and carried from one individual to another, without a lot of props, accessories, or accoutrements.

06 January 2017

Petrosz on "How to Be a Student" -- Updated!

Petros will be offering a free class on the foundations of what it means to be a student of spirituality, and how one must be clear about one's attitude toward the teacher as well as being clear about one's own goals in the pursuit of a valid path of spiritual growth.

This class has been offered for many years as a continuing tradition to start off each new year.

The class will help get students off to a good start in the new year.

Date: Friday, Jan. 6. 2017
Time: 7pm
Location: The Temple House