08 January 2009

Universe B (Grant)

Primitive man intuited the existence of that unknown Universe B on the other side of the Tree, with the Abyss (Choronzon) as its copula. This supreme dread was inspired by the metaphysical certainty (the original gnosis) that the phenomenal world is but the manifestation of subjectivity or non-manifestation, and that the physiological formula of the female somehow adumbrated the mechanics of an awful mystery that was unknowable by the mind in its normal state. The 'fall' consisted in accepting the delusion at its face value. The initiates, the gnostics, knew (perhaps intuitively) that reality lay somewhere beyond or behind the total negation of this glamour.

-- from Nightside of Eden (Kenneth Grant)

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Mesila 333 said...

For more on Choronzon including some of the less traditional more controversial ideas surrounding that "mighty devil" see my archive on this subject - one that I have a very close personal relationship with - at Choronzon's Grinnoire:


ps: That Tree and Serpent ikon is mighty nifty.