12 June 2007

Evolve.org and "Conscious Evolution"

Neale Donald Walsch turned me on to the following website, which I find to be intriguing and I think you will too if you're seriously into the sort of things we discuss here and at the main eWakening site. The site below, evolve.org, is run by a friend of Neale's, metaphysical writer Barbara Marx Hubbard.

Conscious Evolution is a new social/scientific/spiritual meta-discipline. This worldview has progressed from Einstein's early admonitions that humankind cannot solve our problems from the same place of consciousness in which we created them, through noted scientists and philosophers such as Julian Huxley, Teilhard de Chardin, Sri Aurobindo, Abraham H. Maslow, Jonas Salk, to today's social scientists such as Bela H. Banathy, Hazel Henderson, Riane Eisler, Ervin Laszlo, Jean Houston, Duane Elgin, Edgar Mitchell, Ken Wilber, Peter Russell, Elisabet Sahtouris, Don Beck and many others who are building frameworks for practical application in health, governance, education, management, environment, science, the arts and media.

In simple terms, Conscious Evolution means that we must improve our ability to use our powers ethically and effectively (consciously) to achieve a positive future (evolve).



Anonymous said...

Evolve or die is what they say. We either are able to go forward with the evolution of this cosmos or we will not continue as a species.

Chela77 said...

Aurobindo was the first to teach of conscious evolution although he is hard to understand. Ken Wilber explains things much better but you have to search for the nuggets of wisdom buried in a lot of verbiage.