03 June 2007


"As far as I am concerned, once and for all, let me declare to the world: I am neither illuminated nor enlightened. I am just a very ordinary, very simple man, with no adjectives and no degrees. I have burned all my certificates. Enlightened or unenlightened? I don't know what the difference is. I am neither. I am light itself, neither enlightened nor illuminated; I have left those words far far behind. I can see them like dust, still stirring, far away on the path that I will never travel again, just footprints in the sand."

-- Osho Rajneesh


Anonymous said...

Didn't Osho used to be called Rajneesh?

orange robe said...

Yes, he originally called himself Bhagwan Sri Rajneesh but later on changed it to Osho. There are different stories about the reasons behind the change and what it is supposed to mean. It might have to do with his late interest in Zen and I think Osho was a Zen monk way back when?

Anonymous said...

... "on the path that I will never travel again"

also Buddha said that he will be liberated,

the problem is, i know many buddhas, and oshos and they all returned, they travel the path again and again, and each time they think it is the last time.

Idiots if you ask me.

Osho's return

Chela77 said...

We can learn a lot from Bhagwan / Osho. Even the mistakes of a guru are illuminating.