14 September 2007

Travel industry turns on to yoga vacations

The purveyors of yoga and wellness vacations promise more than mere relaxation; they promise transformation. Ask why someone would choose a yoga vacation -- and the meditation, body contortions and discipline that goes with it -- and the answer repeats: People go for life-changing experiences.

From luxury hotel resorts to rustic retreats, yoga offerings and yoga-centric vacations have increasingly become a carrot to lure vacationers that want more than a fabulous place to stay and entertainment. The past five years have seen growth in yoga vacations that is emblematic of a larger trend in the travel industry.


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Petros said...

Petros responds:

Beware of "enlightenment" that comes at too low a price. Making yoga "easy" and accessible takes away much of its primal force. Awakening cannot be squeezed into the timeframe of a convenient vacation!