16 September 2007

Yoga festival planned for UN peace day

Global celebrities Christy Turlington, Russell Simmons, Sting and Donna Karan are going vegan for a day to promote the yoga-inspired events worldwide organised by the Global Mala Project (GMP) on UN's International Day of Peace, Sep 21.

The event is aimed to raise awareness and funds for global causes. The GMP aims to unite the global yoga community to form a mala or a rosary around earth through collective practices based on the Hindu sacred cycle of 108 on Sep 21-22.

Participants include hundreds of yoga studios, mainly in the US and at least two in India, renowned yoga and spiritual teachers.

The main event in Los Angeles on Sep 22 has been planned as a gathering of 108 yoga studios, 1,008 teachers and 10,000 people. The 12-hour programme includes yoga trance dance by Shiva Rea, meditation with Bangalore-based guru Paramahamsa Nithyananda, Kundalini Yoga, 108 rounds of Surya namaskar, mandala creation and kirtan.

Over 16 million people practise yoga in the US and the market for yoga in the country is worth $3 billion, according to Yoga Journal surveys.


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